Late Halloween Details

halloween2017this is what our front door looked like on halloween night. since i mentioned trick or treaters in yesterday’s post, i figured i should post this. we handed out candy to 16 scary little people. that might seem like a low number in some neighborhoods, but it was the most we had seen in years. we closed up shop around 8:15.

4 Responses to Late Halloween Details

  1. Front door looked really nice, not too scary, it’s inviting to little spooks that haven’t learned to be wicked.

  2. i always wanna be the charlie brown level of “scary”

  3. This year is the first year I haven’t played ghost busters for the kids. I think I’ll practice up and show them how really bad I am and send them all a scary text. Is it possible to send a sound text like that?

  4. i think so… i’ll try sending you one, dad!

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