Change In Plans

2016-07-21-stranger-things01a few days ago i wrote about a game of “telephone” for my first workshop at the library. now it’s scheduled to be the last workshop, and we’re gonna use walkie talkies. we’ll also have a few fake phone booths for players in random locations, but hopefully no one will change clothes in them… however if a superhero does come out faster than a locomotive and leaps tall buildings in a single bound, i won’t stop him… or her.

3 Responses to Change In Plans

  1. I’ll be sure and look out for that one if I’m in that last workshop.

  2. wow, I’m thinking you have to stay on your toes just thinking of things to do. it’s the last workshop? does that mean you won’t be going to the library anymore? oh no what now?

  3. dad: if that happens i’ll let you know
    mom: the makerspace staff have helped me develop ideas, i’m not all alone there… and regarding life after the library– there are other plates spinning & more irons in the fire!

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