Can’t Stay Away From This Motel

alteredMOTELi got together to jam with a couple of friends wednesday night. chris, clay, and i started playing when we were in our 20′s. a LOT of water has gone under that bridge since then… a lot of performances have been saved and mangled, and a lot of band names have been scrawled on posters. our latest music moniker is motel mancini. we’ve played under that name since 2015 at the river market. a couple of weeks ago someone flashed the bat signal, and we all gathered at the bat cave aka chris’ house. here’s a couple of minutes from our 3 hour jam.

4 Responses to Can’t Stay Away From This Motel

  1. Awesome! Makes me wish I could break out the old trumpet again.

  2. PS: the rat dogs ( Chihuahuas) are three ttime Pacific coast champs again as of last night!

  3. Fyi: they’re the AAA minor league team for the San Diego Padres baseball club here in El Paso.

  4. Where can I get a “Rat Dogs” jersey.

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