The Word On The Street

fletchonthebeachschedules have been cleared, the planets are lining up, law enforcement officials have been paid off, and three amigos are getting ready for a long overdue jam session on wednesday! chris and clay texted me a few days ago, and asked if we could all play in a garage studio that i’m renting. i replied “sure! it doesn’t have air conditioning or a bathroom, but sure!” chris quickly offered his house as an alternate location.

2 Responses to The Word On The Street

  1. you’ll have so much fun. I’d love to be a fly on the wall. Big Dave, Darla told us that the team we have here in Joplin came here from El Paso. We’re they called the Blasters there? We all agree with Abbey, the Chihuahuas is a terrible name for a winning baseball team. the Blasters aren’t doing well in joplin. How did they do in El Paso?

  2. The Diablos, as they were called here, were a AA minor league team. They did pretty good. I think they had a pretty decent record, but nothing like the Chihuahuas They’ve won their AAA league championship I think it’s been twice now, and barely lost the national title last year. This year they’re one game behind Salt lake with a little less than 15 games left.

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