Monthly Archives: August 2017

Life Sized And Tiny

lifelefttinyrighti exercised my right to vote tuesday in the local primary elections. one of the choices was super easy. rob guy’s mom, laura, is running for a local board of education seat. rob used to work w/me at homer’s & we’re still friends. the voting booths were inside the new johnson county museum. after voting casting my ballot, i checked out the sights. the original white haven sign was right across the hall from a small (but detailed) replica of the old motor lodge. there were also pieces of metcalf south mall, glenwood theater, and a panoramic photo of my neighborhood circa 1911.

Decade Of Division

don'talwayslovethe80seric john put this meme on my facebook wall sunday. he said it reminded him of me. yesterday it picked up some negative comments from another friend. we’ll call him CV. he’s a few years older than me & doesn’t miss music from the 80′s. when CV posted his comments, i replied with lyrics from the actual band he was criticizing. you can read below to see what he said, and how i responded.

CV: The Eighties were The Musical Dark Ages. Exhibit A: Culture Club
me: do you really want to hurt me?

CV: The only good music from the eighties was Yes, U2… wait, those are Seventies bands.
me: wow! i guess you really want to make me cry.

Spaceship Zulu

TRIPLEzuluwhen channel 5 came to salon kitch to do a story on beep goes the weasel, i couldn’t have been happier about the artwork hanging on the walls. the images were created by spaceship zulu aka brew lamb. looney tunes were NEVER this looney when i was a kid!