Life Sized And Tiny

lifelefttinyrighti exercised my right to vote tuesday in the local primary elections. one of the choices was super easy. rob guy’s mom, laura, is running for a local board of education seat. rob used to work w/me at homer’s & we’re still friends. the voting booths were inside the new johnson county museum. after voting casting my ballot, i checked out the sights. the original white haven sign was right across the hall from a small (but detailed) replica of the old motor lodge. there were also pieces of metcalf south mall, glenwood theater, and a panoramic photo of my neighborhood circa 1911.

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  1. My neighborhood in 1911 was desert and a refinery. If I find a picture I’ll send it.

  2. WOW, is there a museum where the White Haven use to be? Lots of memories when we see that sign
    Walking Schiller & Megan before we went to bed. The night we left Schiller in the room while we were with you 2. When we came back, the night attendant had taken him to the office because he threw a fit! You and Jenny coming over to swim. Coffee and donuts in their coffee shop for any donation you wanted to give. A mixed bag of old fashion decor. Tiny showers.

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