Decade Of Division

don'talwayslovethe80seric john put this meme on my facebook wall sunday. he said it reminded him of me. yesterday it picked up some negative comments from another friend. we’ll call him CV. he’s a few years older than me & doesn’t miss music from the 80′s. when CV posted his comments, i replied with lyrics from the actual band he was criticizing. you can read below to see what he said, and how i responded.

CV: The Eighties were The Musical Dark Ages. Exhibit A: Culture Club
me: do you really want to hurt me?

CV: The only good music from the eighties was Yes, U2… wait, those are Seventies bands.
me: wow! i guess you really want to make me cry.

One Response to Decade Of Division

  1. And He’s watching us all with the Eye… Of the Tiger.

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