Arthur Brown’s Fire

arthurbrownthe first time i heard fire by arthur brown, it was the mid 80′s & i was tuning into classic rock via KCFX. i imagined some crazy eyed costumed singer when theĀ song started, and it turns out i was right. he used to wear a fire helmet and a devil’s head over his crotch… sometimes he even performed naked. arthur brown recorded his #1 song in 1968, and even though the radio doesn’t play it anymore, that hasn’t slowed down the god of hellfire. brown, now in his 70′s, still makes fiery psychedelic scenes. he just released live at high voltage last year.

3 Responses to Arthur Brown’s Fire

  1. I’m glad the guy finally got some clothes.

  2. I listened, I couldn’t understand and from his looks WITH a costume on, I’m sure glad I didn’t see him otherwise. What reminded you of Arthur?

  3. dad: the show isn’t the ONLY thing that must go on!
    mom: i read an article about him in an old issue of MOJO music magazine. it’s like Rolling Stone– only better.

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