The Cure For Shower Amnesia

all4i can make these picture panels that attempt to resemble still shots from a 1970′s TV commercial, but i am not sure how to market The Memory Horse. the amount of shampoo and conditioner that you might save would NOT offset the emotional trauma of a stalker horse that willingly walks in on you as you take a shower.

4 Responses to The Cure For Shower Amnesia

  1. Believe it or not, I don’t think I even understand your commercial, son and I had to have Abby try to explain it to me. That’s pretty bad. You sure did a good job of trying to get an old guy to think, and I know you always had a knack for humor. What I’m trying to say is I’ve always gotten a kick out of your work, whatever you do. I’m reminded of that every time I look at your ‘Soop’(superman) cartoon that you drew in Jr. High.

  2. that’s ok dad. the “horse” doesn’t really have anything to do with helping me remember if i washed or conditioned my hair– it was just a way to re-use an image from a video i made a year ago.

  3. The first thing I do every morning is look at your blog. You’ve got to realize I just woke up. This is too profound for me to tackle so early! But the memory horse sounds like a great idea especially for a cowboy. You remind me of Mr. Rodriguez from Pakistan who created the idea of how to use your phone to work on computer or the other way around from his basement and is now a billionaire. Keep it up, you’re a genious.

  4. thanks mom!

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