Just Passing Time

filming-video-waiting-friend-1981in 1981 mick jagger and keith richards were in new york waiting on a friend. the pic above is from the music video for that song. fast forward 36 years… KCTV contacted me on my birthday & asked if they could do a story on beep goes the weasel. i said “sure!” 3 days later they sent a reporter to salon kitch, and i taught her how to play smoke on the water. now i’m just waiting (like mick and keith) for the video to air on TV.

3 Responses to Just Passing Time

  1. ME TOO. How did you feel it went?

  2. i think it went pretty well. kitch said it was awesome.

  3. Remember to send me a tape or video. Let me know how to get it if you can’t.

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