I Can Go For This

nickibluhmit’s been 5 years since i made a post about nicki bluhm and the gramblers. they recorded a series of songs while driving down the road back in 2012, and numbered each van session they posted on youtube. i love their version of hall & oates’ i can’t go for that, especially the kazoo solo.

3 Responses to I Can Go For This

  1. That’s a real cool sounding song. I remember it now, but I never got the lyrics. I’d sure like to have the sheet music.

  2. if I ever heard them, I don’t remember but I love the idea of singing in the van. remember when we used to do that on our trips?

  3. mom: OF COURSE i remember all of us singing in the car!!! years ago i told a dental assistant about those experiences (my family singing in the car) and she couldn’t believe it. she said “i thought that only happened in the movies!”

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