Beeping On KCTV

KCTV1local CBS station KCTV aired a segment on beep goes the weasel sometime after 11am this morning! the crew shot 30 minutes of me and gina bullard last week playing carrots, peppers, potatoes, and the theremin. the editors back at the station cut it down to 3 minutes. that means all of my witty banter, home remedies, and tall tales never made it on the air… of course if i were a stand up comedian that last sentence would be followed by the sound of crickets, coughing, and a single drunken chuckle.

2 Responses to Beeping On KCTV

  1. We are impressed. Last time we heard beeping, we didn’t hear actual notes. You have improved your beeping talent. You talk easy when being filmed, that’s talent in itself. We’re proud of you.

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