51st Birthday Highlights

meandbenonmyBDthere wasn’t much fanfare when i turned 51 a few days ago (monday), but it sure was neat when ben showed up at homer’s w/balloons! i was taking a quiche out of the oven when i heard him say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! i turned around and there he was, smiling and holding two yellow balloons. of course he was with his mom (christy) and little sister (kaitlyn… not sure if i spelled that right). other highlights included:
-beep goes the weasel getting back on TV!
-birthday cake, pizza, and brussel sprouts at the frierdichs!
-birthday cake and bratwursts w/tim andersen!
-new brakes on the jeep!!!

4 Responses to 51st Birthday Highlights

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. What a great picture. Davy please forgive me for not sending a card. I thought about you for 2 days wondering why you didn’t answer the phone. Dummy me. I have to figure out how to change the # on my land line. Still it sounds like you had a good day. (except for the jeep )

  2. mom, it’s ok. and the business with the jeep is cool because the first shop quoted me $900 (ridiculous) i thought the jeep was dead & i was gonna buy another vehicle. the second shop took care of me for $200, so i am happy and the jeep is lazarus.

  3. that’s great, I knew about “my mother the car” but never knew one that returned from the dead!

  4. I’m so glad for you and the jeep.

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