To Marengo… And Back!

mission-control-room-apollo-13-nasa-photo-print-1i usually make posts about marengo in the summer, when jenny’s relatives converge on the fairgrounds there like a well behaved biker gang– but this post is about our trip that we took a few days ago to attend a funeral in that little iowa town. there was ice and freezing drizzle in the forecast, and the weather channels were pouring fear into viewers like it was cheap gas. navigating a trip to marengo was like saying we choose to go to the moon! there was bad weather in oklahoma, missouri, and illinois… but we had dry roads there and back. holding family members, and sharing memories is something we shouldn’t be afraid to do because of a scary weather forecast… especially one that got weaker with each passing hour.

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  1. It’s good to see family members, son, but remember you’re not getting any younger and you’ve got to take care of you and Jenny. It’s good to have you two back safe.

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