Hoovie’s Buick Apollo

1974_buick_apollothe pic above is NOT jeff hoover’s buick apollo– it doesn’t have to be. hoovie drove one of these cars in high school, and back then it made me think of my grandad’s chevy nova. hoovie always reminded me that his car was not a nova, it was a buick apollo, and then he would turn up ratt or def leppard on his stereo until our ears bled. i hadn’t thought of hoovie’s apollo for a long time until i heard this commercial from 1974.

4 Responses to Hoovie’s Buick Apollo

  1. Yeah. Those were the days when gas was 1.57 a gallon and I could still hear pretty good.

  2. when did you start having hearing problems dad?

  3. Classic!! Spot on color match.

    Remember the NOVA name was copied by all the car manufacturers of the day. NOVA name was taken and homage paid to it by producing like body cars from Dodge, Pontiac, and Buick.

    N for Nova by Chevy
    O for Omega by Dodge
    V for Venture by Pontiac
    A for Apollo by Buick

    Spelling out the best selling car NOVA

    Odd but true.

    Excellent Davy

  4. Not too long ago. About a month. To get back to the subject, Chevy had a similar car in the ’60s- the Chevy II. Also, I remember the Ford Falcon, which I guess weren’t as sporty, but had what I thought was pretty good gas mileage

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