Geocaching, Joshua, And The Boogiemonster

joshontherock1joshua and i found a fake bluff while geocaching this week… huh, i just realized that the words “fake” and “bluff” look funny next to each other. anyway this odd rock formation could be someone’s idea of landscape art, but i think a cement truck just dumped some of its excess where no one would notice– except geocachers like joshua and me! on our way back to his house we listened to crap from the past, hosted by ron boogiemonster gerber. one of the show’s highlights was this track sung in spanish by johnny mathis and deniece williams.

2 Responses to Geocaching, Joshua, And The Boogiemonster

  1. Real nice! I really never liked Johnny Mathis that much except for ‘chances are’. Didn’t realize he was still singing but he must be older than me.

  2. dad, that track is actually from the 1980′s. at least two internet sources say he’s 81.

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