Three Amigas in KC!

sombrerosjane, sara, and marylynn are my nieces. they stayed w/us for a few days after christmas, and wanted to experience as much of KC as possible. the pic above was taken at mickey’s surplus an hour before i had to drive them back home. in the span of four days and nights their adventures included:
-walking through the plaza lights
-ice skating for 3 hours straight
-riding the KC streetcar
-eating Insomnia Cookies
-laser tag, go karts, and multi-player pac man @ Power Play
-watching all 8 episodes of Stranger Things on netflix
-burgers and fries @ Fritz’ Railroad restaurant
i’m sure there are things i’ve left out.

2 Responses to Three Amigas in KC!

  1. Oh, my God! The only thing left is the real three amigos, but they (the girls) would make them look sorry! Did they get to keep the hats?-hope so.

  2. it’s 3 am and another sleepless night, but I just saw this and couldn’t help but see and feel how blessed we all are. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS & AUNT AND UNCLE.

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