Roxanne Picks Up Speed

the-policei just found a show called crap from the past. ron “boogiemonster” gerber has been hosting it every friday night since 1992! for the last 24 years he’s been playing really cool music, and really weird music. this track is a cool song by the police that gets weird in a hurry.

2 Responses to Roxanne Picks Up Speed

  1. Better friends than good high school memories evokes cool songs like this to justify the period. I’ll have to find the show. Thanks David

  2. hard to believe, this guy has been playing for 24 year’s and you’ve not heard of him before now. I thought my son knew every weird station available. :) did you like it? Jenny called last night. tell her not to worry, we are fine. we had some good friends over for spaghetti and played dominoes later.

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