Rockin’ Around The Festivus Pole

festivusjamlast friday it was cold, pedestrian traffic trickled, but i still brought the beeps to salon kitch. if i you think there was a small crowd that night… you’re right, it was just me and kitch. but that didn’t stop us from throwing caution to the wind, and jamming around the festivus pole!
rockin’ around the festivus pole instead of a christmas tree,
later we’ll air some grievances
then we’ll boast our feats of strength!

–sung to the tune of rockin’ around the christmas tree

2 Responses to Rockin’ Around The Festivus Pole

  1. I wondered if you would still be beeping. Well that’s not true. I thought you would but wondered if anyone would be out walking in 0 degree temps.
    I’m glad you wore your hat, Kitch might have gotten bored and tried a new do on you !!!
    Looking forward to our time together on Saturday.
    Be careful coming down.

  2. I just read your blog again. didn’t know anything about a festivus holiday or the pole, so I clicked on it and started reading. now jim wants to celebrate festivus as well as Christmas. thanks son. I do see some of it’s value . we need to watch this movie.

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