Old Time Radio Christmas

radio_mysteryone day last week i found an old show online that my sister and i used to listen to: CBS radio mystery theater! we discovered it in the mid 1970′s when our TV stopped working. there was an ad for a new “radio drama” on the back of the cereal box. we knew that our grandparents used to listen to these type of shows before TV was around, but we had never heard one before. this is the opening to one of the shows we both remember about a white wolf.jennyandsaraopeni downloaded 1,399 CBS radio mystery theater shows and put 100 of them on an mp3 player as a christmas present for my sister. the pic above is jenny with our niece sara in her wolf costume that she tailored.

4 Responses to Old Time Radio Christmas

  1. what a great picture. did all of you listen to the mystery together? did Sara stay in the wolf skin?

  2. yes! we all listened to the show! but no, sara did not stay in her wolf skin… she didn’t want to get shot. :)

  3. I remember the White Wolf.

  4. I don’t blame Sara for getting out of that costume. It was a pretty scary story. I think the wolf tells her life story right after she gets shot, but it’s too late.

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