Mystery In Wax

Star Trek Wax Figuresduring our last visit to jenny’s hometown, my sister-in-law, diane showed me this star trek photo with wax figures that she found in her parent’s home. when i asked her where they acquired it, she didn’t know. i did a quick search online and found out that this is a picture from the movieland wax museum in buena park, CA. according to wikipedia it operated from 1962-2005. the museum was just torn down in october 2016. however, the wax figures of uhura, kirk, bones, scotty, chekov, sulu, and spock were sold to 3 people (see below) who paid $40,000.GORPso THAT mystery was solved, but it opens up another one: diane’s parents never went to california, and they never claimed to be trekkies. so now she’s left to wonder how did bob and thelma actually get that first photo?

4 Responses to Mystery In Wax

  1. You should know that place well. You and Darla went to it almost every time we went to Knott’s Berry farm.

  2. really? where was I? I guess since I never was a star trek fan it didn’t stick in my memory :) was I even there? am I loosing my mind? oh no this is beginning to bother me.

  3. dad: thanks for that memory! i wondered if we had gone there
    mom: there were other wax figures there like laurel & hardy, charlie chaplin, mary pickford, and mae west. do you remember those?

  4. I’ll look for pictures to verify that . I don’t want to be too hasty but I’m pretty sure there was one in Buena Park

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