Hello Country Bumpkin…

frostoutonthepumpkinthere was only a 20% chance of snow today, but we still got a dusting this afternoon. when i saw what was left on the pumpkin, it reminded me of an old country song. you know the one. hey if the smothers brothers could convince their audience that orange rhymed with door hinge, then cal smith probably figured he could do the same thing with bumpkin and pumpkin, right?

3 Responses to Hello Country Bumpkin…

  1. She said ‘Hello, Country Bumpkin; how’s the frost out on the Pumpkin’, right? -’I've seen some sights, but man, you’re somthin’, Mama loves her Country Bumpkin’, or something like that.

  2. haha! you got it dad!

  3. yep, that’s the one. I knew it immediately. I love that song. but it sure has a sad endng.

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