Guitarian Revisited

youngianeight years ago i recorded an abracadiner episode with ian mull. he was 10 years old at the time, and he could already play things on the guitar that made my jaw drop. a couple of weeks ago ian joined me for a neighborhood oktoberfest, and blew me away again. matt hawkins (the guy on the other side of me in the 2016 pic) is an amazing mandolin playing, paper toy making genius. i’m very fortunate to have such talented friends that say “yes” when i ask them if they want to play in a band called the enduros.

2 Responses to Guitarian Revisited

  1. if I have seen this before I had forgotten. Ian blows me away at 10, can only imagine what he’s like now. I know DADDY CHRIS is proud of him and you have always been. Jim says he always enjoyed the abracadiners and especially jenny in the post cards from home. you two as a duo was unique.
    me too.

  2. Let me know when you gu you are playing and what kind of songs you play. See if you want to play stuff like walk don’t run.

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