Vin Scully Says Goodbye

vinscullyearlier tonight vin scully got behind a microphone to do his last play by play at dodgers stadium. the man had the same gig for 67 years. his voice was the one i heard anytime someone was listening to a ballgame on a radio. when my family left california for oklahoma, i remember the excitement in my dad’s face when he was able to find a dodgers game on our radio, and he knew it was a dodgers game because vin scully was the announcer.

2 Responses to Vin Scully Says Goodbye

  1. Son, you outdid me again on that one. I must have been at Wal-Mart. I’m watching the Cowboys right now. I just read, by the way, that he’s scheduled to broadcast fou more times and Oct . 2 in San Francisco will be his last one. I’m gonna write it on the calendar to not miss it.

  2. those are good memories, never to be forgotten.

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