The Flush Formula

flush formulaaside from being an available name for a band (it really IS available, i checked!) the flush formula that i’m holding above came from an audiologist. i had a CPR table at a health fair today next to kristina, who is an ear specialist in olathe. she looked in my ears with an otoscope, and said the left one was pretty waxy. then she gave me instructions to flush out the wax before the build up gets out of hand.

2 Responses to The Flush Formula

  1. wow, that’s just what I needed to know this morning, how to get rid of wax buildup. got anymore personal tips? :) I’m so glad I can keep up on my son’s personal hygiene. modern technology is wonderful. how’s jenny”s ears? :) :) :)

  2. jenny’s ears are fine. glad i could make you laugh, mom. hope i didn’t make you sick.

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