Monthly Archives: September 2016

They Took Me Out To The Ballgame

attheballgamea few weeks ago jenny & i headed south to see a minor league baseball game! the springfield cardinals scored 4 runs in the first inning against the tulsa drillers. my brother in law got the tickets, shirts, and ball caps through his work. AND we got free hot dogs and potato salad! there were some foul balls that came our way, but none of them were close enough to catch. jenny & i left after the 7th inning stretch.

Shaken And Stirred

squiggle_head_xvidwhen we woke up this morning there was a groan outside the house, and the bed was vibrating. i looked out the window for road work vehicles, and when i didn’t see any i figured it was the construction crew down the street. a few minutes later my sister called up and said there was an earthquake in oklahoma that could be felt all the way up to kansas city. she felt it too. the last time i was in an earthquake, it was staged at a spoken word event in the early 90′s (it wasn’t real). before the night was over people were shaking their tables and dancing while carole king’s i feel the earth move blared through the house speakers.

I’m Still Reaching Out

reach outback in the 1980′s AT&T used to promote their long distance service by telling people to reach out and touch someone. they expected everyone to call old friends and relatives who lived far away. i would make those kind of calls from time to time… sparingly. now it’s 30 years later, and it’s cheaper to reach out online, so i’m doing it alot… only i’m reaching out to people i haven’t met before because they seem cool. and those people are saying “hi” back! people like camry ivory who is using paint brushes to create music on the street, and john richards who created international clash day in seattle a few years ago. my world is getting smaller with every email, tweet, and facebook post.