Older Than Star Trek

startrek50NPRtoday i found out that i’m older than star trek. i knew i was born the same year the show debuted, but i didn’t know the exact date that it first aired… until today. we’re both 50 now, and NPR aired this story on star trek’s milestone birthday earlier this morning. live long and prosper.

3 Responses to Older Than Star Trek

  1. Don’t really remember star trek, but I was either at General Telephone or starting with Cinch-Graphic. I think I
    had already started cal-state LA. I think we were still in Pasadena in the red
    brick apartment.

  2. what did you do at those jobs dad?

  3. I was an installer at GT and I was in the photo department at Cinch Graphic before I got viral meningitis. Johnny also got it around the same time and we were in the same hospital.

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