Homer’s Coffeehouse @ 15

goodjim mathis came by the coffeehouse today to drop off a card and flowers. it was 15 years ago TODAY that the first cup of coffee was sold at homer’s. he visited with glenn and vanessa, the current managers, and said “now you two have been here longer than i was.” jim and his wife louise ran the shop for the first 7 years, and glenn and vanessa have managed it for the last 8 years. but then jim looked at me and said, “of course dave has been here longer than anybody.” jim hired me over 12 years ago.closeup

7 Responses to Homer’s Coffeehouse @ 15

  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. thanks Elizabeth!

  3. Homer’s will always be that most special place in my heart. It is my Homer’s away from home.

  4. this just doesn’t sound possible. I know people come and go but the customers always remember the big guy wearing the bandana with a happy smile.

  5. I don’t know about you, but I would push for the managership. You have the experience, credentials and personality. You are Homer’s.

  6. dad, thanks for your confidence in me. i actually passed on that opportunity when jim mathis offered it to me 8 years ago. i don’t regret that decision.

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