Cabin In The Woods

inside and outtoday is officially the last day of our 2016 vacation. this year we drove south to arkansas, and rented a cabin on lake wedington. the first night the temp dipped down to the 40′s so we got to use the fireplace! the cabin was VERY affordable ($70 a night) and we got to hike on trails, paddle a canoe, swim in the lake, escape civilization, and basically enjoy nature. the last time we vacationed in arkansas we started out in a tent, but when it got cold and rainy we rented a cabin. this time we just played it safe.

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  1. Lucky dogs! The last time I remember roughing it Abby and I stayed in a tent at Bonito hollow and it hailed so hard I had to dig a trench around the tent to stay dry (about 20 years ago).

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