Who You Gonna Call?

ghostbustersdoc…or “whatcha gonna watch?” my answer would be cleanin’ up the town, a ghostbusters documentary scheduled for july 16 (early birthday present for me!). i found out about this on the retroist, one of my many online time travel “go to” destinations.

4 Responses to Who You Gonna Call?

  1. looks like Ted Cruz standing in the background.

  2. I didn’t know this. Looking forward to seeing this over the “New” Ghostbusters release.

  3. mom: that’s bill murray
    hoovie: let’s ditch our wives and watch this in your basement

  4. That makes me want to dig up my old Ghostbuster sheet music and practice it. Oh- did I tell you I’m back up on the trumpet? I played last Sunday at 1st Baptist service with the band. They tape the services, and I’ll try to get you a tape if I can. We play every so often, but I’m back to practicing more every day. Good luck with the weekend of the 13th. Should be a fun one.

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