When The King Met The Prez

elvisnixonnixon was the first president i remember. elvis was the first rock n’ roller i knew about. i became aware of both of them in the 1970′s. however, the first time i saw this photo was in the early 90′s, and it kinda blew my mind. the story goes that elvis wrote a letter to the president expressing “concern for the country” because of the drug culture, hippie elements, black panthers, etc. nixon met with elvis because he was trying to win over america’s young people. two weeks ago i found out someone actually made a movie about this occasion.

2 Responses to When The King Met The Prez

  1. ironic Elvis died of an overdose. Is the movie something that was produced and can be seen?

    • yeah mom, it was showing in KC a few weeks ago, but it ended before i could see it. hopefully it will make it to netflix

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