Monthly Archives: May 2016

Electric, Acoustic, Beep-tastic!

elec_acous_beephey! guess what? three of my music outlets are getting powered up this month! friday the 13th beep goes the weasel will tempt fate at briarwood elementary. the goal is to have every kid playing with food by dinner time! a big thanks to nicole emanuel @ IUAH (where i rent studio space) for setting up this gig. then on the 14th and 15th around 8am the acoustic goodness that is motel mancini will rear its woody head at the river market. this time we’re dragging clay vinyard and his new acoustic bass into the fracas! also on the 14th, wailin’ wall is scheduled to play 1-3pm for the overland park police department… go figure. finally beep goes the weasel returns to salon kitch on the 20th. the beeping starts @ 6pm and doesn’t stop until someone passes out.