Chilly Saturday @ The River Market

normalmotel mancini returned to the river market early this morning playing the hits… and the misses. it was 54 degrees when we started so we layered and tried to stay in the sun. a friendly tipper (matt) took this photo of us. he offered to use his polaroid, but i asked him to use my smartphone so we could have a digital pic for the blog. we’re going back tomorrow with reinforcements (clay).

4 Responses to Chilly Saturday @ The River Market

  1. What’s that red dot right below your guitar? And who’s playing with you? Looks pretty cold.

  2. that red dot is part of a busker badge. it’s something one of us wears to prove we are on the list of performers allowed to play there & the security cops leave us alone. oh, and the “old” guy is chris (one of my best friends for the last 30 years).

  3. I recognized his face and I know you’ve been life-long friends. I don’t know why I asked that question. I remember he played at your wedding and he’s had a recent loss in the family.

  4. when i told jenny you remembered chris she said, “he’s connecting the dots!”

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