Bing Waits

bingwaitsjames palmer was my roommate when i attended MNU. we dived in the same dumpsters, stole shower heads from other dorms, and avoided our freshman hazing by dismantling the lock on our door. recently jenny & i got an invitation to his daughter’s high school graduation reception, so we went. dana palmer is an amazing artist, and ironically she is getting a full ride art scholarship at the same college where her dad and i broke more rules than we followed. i can’t remember what medium she used, but the pic above is by dana. i told her it looked like a cross between bing crosby and tom waits. she had no idea who i was talking about.

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  1. Looks more like a cross between Cheech Marin and the late (rip) Abe Bogoda. I can’t draw good stick figures. She does good caricatures. Her dad is very lucky, as I am, to have such talented children.

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