A Tale Of Two Sisters (Homer’s Rerun)

sized*this originally appeared on the homer’s coffeehouse blog. i was the main contributor for almost 5 years. no one read it, but i didn’t care. this particular post was a fake story for a featured drink: the citrus sisters. here it is from may 6, 2015:
wilma henderson gave birth to twin girls on a weekday. everything seemed normal until the doctor gave the routine spank to make them inhale. as soon the as air entered their lungs a glow filled the delivery room, and their skin changed color. wilma thought she was the only one seeing the strange spectacle of crying luminescent babies until she realized the nurses were shielding their own eyes. she named her girls neon and dionne, and after a rough childhood the sisters moved to california where they became successful recording artists. hush tang was their first release on a major label which consisted of lullabies for migrant babies in the citrus groves.

3 Responses to A Tale Of Two Sisters (Homer’s Rerun)

  1. oh that’s funny. never heard that one!

  2. thanks mom! i kinda thought you’d like it!

  3. I’ll bet none of those songs sounded like “Dreamland” (the one I played today) or the Motel 6 song. I don’t think migrants stayed in those.

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