Return to Salon Kitch

3cooljammersthis is what happened last month when salon kitch teamed up with beep goes the weasel to celebrate local life in overland park: tim played the theremin, john was on the carrots and bananas, and amy used a voice transformer to sing like a robot. and hey guess what? we’re doing it again THIS FRIDAY! the fun starts @ 6pm and goes on until someone calls the cops, then we’ll watch some educational film shorts made by rifftrax.

2 Responses to Return to Salon Kitch

  1. I wish I could have seen last summer’s and this sounds really great.I’d like to see Anaconda.

  2. dad, what do you mean you’d like to see Anaconda? are you referring to RETURN TO SALON KITCH as if it were a horror movie like REVENGE OF THE THING THAT WOULDN’T DIE?

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