Called To Walls In Joplin

calledtowallscalled to walls is a documentary about murals that will be shown on the MSSU campus in joplin, mo. (2pm inside cornell aud., plaster hall) on sunday, nov. 22. “The film chronicles a series of community-based murals led by muralist Dave Loewenstein between 2010 and 2013. Featured in the film is the story and creation of Joplin’s own mural, The Butterfly Effect: Dreams take flight, 2011.” – quoted from Called to Walls’ facebook page. dave loewenstein was one of the rocket grant jurors that voted for beep goes the weasel to receive funding last year.

2 Responses to Called To Walls In Joplin

  1. Are you going?

  2. i want to, but some stuff came up at home that i have to stay for. it’s ok. dave loewenstein told me that he would come to one of my shows at the drive-in, and i never saw him. he probably had similar time conflicts.

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