The Eight O’ Clock Days

grittyhere in the midwest an overcast day can ignore the numbers on a clock, and basically render them useless. if it’s 8:00 and you can’t see the sun, a.m. and p.m. don’t exist. morning, noon, and dusk are words that matter when you can see the sun, they don’t mean a thing when it’s overcast for 12 hours. conditions were like this yesterday and today.

3 Responses to The Eight O’ Clock Days

  1. On days like this, Jim is totally worthless! But then so am I!

  2. i hear you mom. the only way i feel productive on a day like this is if i record something.

  3. We have maybe one of those per year. This is the first week and a half (10/21) that we have been out of the ’90′s. That’s the only thing I don’t miss; and the ice storms.

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