The Last Couple of Gigs

last couple of gigsi know the blog posts are thinning out, but only because the beeping gigs have thickened up. last saturday beep goes the weasel was part of the backyard bash at the spencer museum in lawrence. the weather was great, and kids were swinging at acorn piñatas. we were on after à la poupèe and the chine-collès. they were a three piece band that played songs about printmaking. two wednesdays ago we were under the clocktower during the farmer’s market teaching kids how to play with food– and today we are returning to the scene of the crime! we’ll be back on santa fe in a few hours (10:30am). i’ll procure some produce from some hapless vendor and wire it up to a laptop again.

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  1. We’ve been watching for something happening on your end. Sounds like you are still having fun with those veggies. Great idea taking pictures with the masks.

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