At The Boulevard With Ian

ian and the kidslast saturday was beep goes the weasel’s last performance at the boulevard for the summer. i picked up a few pieces of produce from the culinary center, and called angie but she wasn’t feeling well. so then i got ian mull to help me out. he did an outstanding job. that’s him in the plaid shorts wailing on his guitar while random kids are beeping on vegetables and playing the theremin in between movies. at times it got SO noisy i thought the management might unplug us… but hey that’s part of the fun.
IMG_20150829_201928 it was also a night when open captions ran @ the boulevard for the hearing impaired community. they showed their gratitude, and presented wes and brian neal with a certificate of thanks.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night at the movies. All the noise probably brought more people out to where you were and obviously more attention. Isn’t that what we wanted? Glad Ian had fun and was able to go.

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