2014 Rocket Grants Awards Ceremony Revisited

awards ceremonythe postman dropped off the last rocket grants check a couple of days ago. it made me think back to the awards ceremony where i received the first check from the charlotte street foundation. alot of things have happened since beep goes the weasel started last summer. we’ve done more than teach people how to play music and sounds with fruits and vegetables at a drive-in theater. BEEP GOES THE WEASEL is one of 10 projects that received a rocket grants award in 2014. angie wolford, matt hawkins and i started this project that same year at the boulevard drive-in. in 2015 we brought the beeps to grocery stores, libraries, and farmers markets! we play with carrots, squash, and cucumbers provided by the culinary center of kansas city, and we encourage everyone to play with our food!

5 Responses to 2014 Rocket Grants Awards Ceremony Revisited

  1. What a nice follow up and the beep goes on!

  2. So glad to see such creative people getting funding and recognition. Way to go!

  3. thanks mom! thanks Mia!

  4. Well, beep me! That’s great, Dave! Always good to receive recognition for work being done to brighten the lives of others.

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