The Bullwhip Junkie

BULLwhipmax is our cat. he has a few cat toys like a stuffed zebra, a yellow rattle ball, and some feather sticks… but none of these things matter to him. he only cares about one toy: the bullwhip. he loves to chase it, bite it, lunge at it, and lay on it. i took this pic a few days ago during one of his calmer moments, and this morning i woke up early to play with him.

3 Responses to The Bullwhip Junkie

  1. Is he friendly to strangers? Will he share the lounge? Do we have to bring our own bull whip?
    Did Jenny mention we plan on coming up for the Scottish Highland games?

  2. yes, he’s friendly to strangers! yes he will share the lounge! no you don’t have to bring your own bull whip, and yes jenny told me you are coming up for the highland games!

  3. He’ll probably whip me for all the cats I abused when you kids were young (if we make it into the lounge).

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