Late Nights With Bogey and Dave

dave and bogey creditsthey both had funny teeth, they both could get in a nasty mood and turn on you, and i watched them both on late night TV over the years. it started in the 1970′s when my dad would wake me up after midnight to watch humphrey bogart in the treasure of the sierra madre, a 1948 movie that the TV networks usually aired in the wee hours of the morning. every time it was on, dad and i watched as bogey dug for gold, fought banditos, and slowly lost his sanity. eventually TV stations stopped showing late night movies and instead filled that time with infomercials and talk shows. i made the transition and watched david letterman off and on again for the next 30 years. last night christy frierdich and i watched the final letterman show. it was cool and bittersweet, and it made me feel like i continued a tradition that my dad started with me all those years ago. i even wrote a song about it.

2 Responses to Late Nights With Bogey and Dave

  1. Oh, yea. Sorry I missed that. I was more of a Johnny C. fan, remember, son? I guess my bedtime now is a little earlier.

  2. What a great memory. Glad you have it.

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