If The Dog Could Talk…

went to the culinary center to get fruit and veggies to beep on last night for local life in old OP. it had rained earlier, and only a few people were out… but then a dog showed up. his name is murphy.01 what's thismurphy: hey whatcha got goin’ on here?
me: oh just settin’ up some produce for people to play music on
murphy: get out! you’re yankin’ my chain, pardon the pun! AHHH HAH HAH HAH! (yawns and slurps)
04 tonguemurphy: so how does this work? can i just lick something? (suddenly a lemon goes “beep!” as he licks it) WHOA! was that me?
me: yep. you and the lemon!
murphy: but how? these can’t be real fruits and vegetables!
me: they are real fruits and vegetables, provided by the culinary center of kansas city! if you want to find out how it works, i’ll give your owner a flier, meanwhile let’s make some crazy jams!03 paw murphy: alright! cool! can you program these things to play atomic dog? BOW WOW WOW YIPPEE-OH YIPPEE-AY!!
me: let’s do it!

2 Responses to If The Dog Could Talk…

  1. I’ll get aunt Jean to look at this one. Maybe a whole new line up of performers and entertainers! I’ll bet that was fun.

  2. Hope that dog doesn’t ruin your concert on July 25.

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