A Glance Back @ Mother’s Day

church bfastwhen i was growing up it was a big deal to call long distance. we didn’t do it very often because it was very expensive. in some cases it might even cost a dollar a minute. when we called relatives outside of our area code, we would keep our conversations short. maybe that’s why i don’t call anyone these days. i keep my conversations so short they don’t even exist. my mom is the same way. she keeps tabs on me by reading this blog. so mom if you’re wondering what i did on mother’s day, i ateĀ waffles and sausages for breakfast at church between services.

One Response to A Glance Back @ Mother’s Day

  1. Sounds like the perfect way to start a day. I had a great day and thanks for the call. You know saying happy mothers day doesn’t take too long and even paying a $1. a minute is cheaper than the $150. plus I have to pay now a month. I think the old way is better. Love ya

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