The Day We Stormed The Castle

sara's jump croppedtwo of my nieces stayed with us last weekend. saturday afternoon i took sara and mary lynn to a castle that jenny and i discovered last year. the three of us climbed to the top, took in the sights, and signed a geocache log. later i took this pic of sara near the base of the castle.

5 Responses to The Day We Stormed The Castle

  1. That Sara looks like a big girl.

  2. GO SARA, hope it wasn’t a crash landing. Looks like a long way down.

  3. :3 Thanks for the concern! I don’t feel like I grew up to much though. I died a few times trying to get the knight to not be so mean. It didn’t end well. :/ That was a really fun geocach. Thank you again for driving us again Uncle Dave! :D

    “It was almost like a dream.” ~Marlylnn

  4. Please excuse my poor grammar & spelling. O,O

  5. trying this out

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