Pinball Wizards

combowednesday i played pinball with glenn winkler. his parents have an indiana jones pinball machine in their basement. they keep a record of everyone’s high score on a white board. right now glenn has the all time high score: 70 million, but his dad is vowing to beat it. i managed to get 24 million before i tilted it.

5 Responses to Pinball Wizards

  1. You’re still playing that?

  2. Are you sure he’s not Henry’s brother?

  3. That looks like fun, but it may take a lot of practice to beat Glen & his dad. Maybe they could adopt you just long enough to do that. But then you have to come back and be MY son!

  4. That would be like me beating Winston Marsallis on the trumpet and then coming back and playing in the church band. I think I’ll still try to stick to the church band, if I can go to the practices, and if they can find a piano player so I can go back to the trumpet.

  5. Never in a million years could I do that.

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