A Man Called Horse

man called horsei bought this latex horse head in des moines last week. it was partly inspired by a movie i watched recently on netflix. i’m pretty sure i’ll get reactions from every pedestrian that sees me wearing this while playing carrots on first fridays.

6 Responses to A Man Called Horse

  1. You are planning to wear this on the street? You better wait till your pastor can be there to confirm to the gestapoint that you are not crazy! I think it is cute and funny and oh so Davy. About the movie you watched. Was it about a man and Indians? Your dad and I watched a movie with that name.

  2. Oh forgive me. I misunderstood you watched the movie Frank. Now I understand. That’s right down your alley. The man named horse was a gruesome movie. Jim had to explain it to me.

  3. yeah mom, i remember that movie that you’re talking about. it’s the one where indians have richard harris suspended by his nipples

  4. Won’t it be a little stuffy in there? Nevertheless, I don’t think it’ll be as painful as Richard Harris, but make sure you take it off once in awhile for a brain break. If I’m there, I’ll tell them who you are.

  5. it’s actually not too stuffy, dad.

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