Just Another Friday Night @ Home

FOGnate works with me @ homer’s. he came over last night and i cooked sausage, kraut, and potatoes for dinner. we jammed on synthesizers, and watched youtube videos with cats, dwarves, and a camel. he stayed about four hours and then a fog rolled in to take his place. i couldn’t resist the urge to drive in the fog, so after he left i wandered around the neighborhood for a half hour and took this pic of the santa fe commons.

3 Responses to Just Another Friday Night @ Home

  1. Sounds like fun. What did Jenny eat?

  2. Hi Uncle Dave! I can’t remember what my other address for the website was, so I made this new one. I don’t think I will be on here often, but I was thinking of Youtube, then I made a mental note to watch one of your videos, and then I went to your website.
    - SaraGrant
    P.S. I found pictures of you on the internet (COUGH*stalker*COUGH)
    bye! XD

  3. hey sara! thanks for the comments! what other pictures did you find?

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