The Last Polka

yoshandstansometimes i get bored with the video choices on netflix, and i go to youtube to see if anyone has uploaded shows that i miss like fantasy island, dr. katz, or mystery science theater 3000. today i was watching old SCTV episodes and discovered the last polka. it’s a mockumentary that originally aired in 1985. yosh and stan shmenge are the lead characters played by john candy and eugene levy. they are far from cool, yet close to awesome.

4 Responses to The Last Polka

  1. Watched a couple of minutes. Would it be fun to watch with the girls in Branson?

  2. it’s harmless, but they would probably get bored with it. however they REALLY like any episode of mystery science theater 3000

  3. Watched the whole thing. No comment!

  4. Let me change that last comment to this: I probably have practiced better on my trumpet than those guys did during the whole film.

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